The transition from one stage of education to the next can be a challenging experience for parents and pupils.

Parents are often unsure of their child’s ability in relation to the standards required for selective school entry. My experience in setting and marking exams at all levels means I can provide advice, assessments and strategies for success. Along the way, we will work together to build your child’s confidence and make them independent learners. I make the process straight forward and less stressful in the following ways:

> Assessment of pupil attainment in English and Maths
> Advice on Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning
> Identification of strengths and weaknesses with suggestions for improvement
> Strategies for successful exam preparation
> Impartial advice on choosing a tutor
> Advice about school selection, including day and boarding schools
> Suggestions for evaluating schools when you visit
> Explanation of the league tables, Ofsted and education in the UK
> Interview practice at all levels, including the Sixth form
> Well-grounded, sensible advice to de-mystify the process

In addition, I provide on-going support to parents and pupils, liaising with tutors, recommending resources and reading materials, reviewing progress and making certain your child reaches his or her potential.

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