My experience in both Junior and Senior Schools means that I can help parents in a multitude of ways when they have no one to turn to for sound advice.

These are just a sample of the questions I can answer, helping to provide you with support:

> We are re-locating from abroad or a different part of the UK: how do I find a suitable school for my child?
> How do I assess whether my tutor is doing the right work?
> Homework is a nightmare in my house: what do I do?
> How can I tell if my child is making progress?
> I am unhappy about certain things at my child’s school: how do I handle this?
> My child is lacking in confidence: what can I do to help them?
> We are unhappy with our current school and want to make a change: how do we do this?
> Our teenager is underachieving: how can we get him back on track?

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